Digital Identities and Digital Security (Visual)

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 2.39.44 pmSamann, T. (2016). Digital Security- Battening down the hatches in a sea of data. [Digital Image]. Retrieved from

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All About Digital identities and Security

What is Digital Identity?

It is a permanent collection of you data online to identify you (CI Keys, 2015)

Examples of Digital Identities- Social, Customer, Anonymous, Private

How do digital identities affect teaching and learning?

Teachers develop students digital identities by teaching them the importance of different identities

Students learn what each identity means and how to use different identities, which helps them with careers later in life

Both have different forms of digital identities (e.g private and student identities)

Advantages in education

Allows you to create a anonymous profile

Explores creativity

Allows you to create more than one profile

Can help students with employment (Campbell, 2014)

Different identities allows both privacy and collaboration

Disadvantages In education

Students may not understand how to keep information private (e.g use their full their full name as a username)

Students may use their educational digital identity for fun which could distract them from school work

Students and teachers have no control of their information, once something is online it stays there

Students are more vulnerable to cyber bulling (SlideShare, 2013)

What is Digital Security?

Refers to digital tools individuals use to secure their identity online (Gemalto, n.d)

Blocking cookies

Restricting websites


Blocking a

Using anti-virus software

How does digital security affect teaching and learning?

Teachers have to teach students how to be less vulnerable and safe online (Smith, n.d)

Teachers are responsible for protecting student data (IKeppSafe, 2018)

Students are taught to secure their digital devices (e.g use strong passwords)

Advantages in education

Keep students and teachers safe from viruses

Students learn how to be safe online

Teachers don’t have to worry about students accessing restricted websites

Everything the students access is usually monitored by teachers

Students may think its safe to post anything they desire online just because they have been informed of digital security

The same website accessed at school may be different at


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